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  • Along Mosque str
    Refuse taking over Mosque street
  • Tailor shop near Ehi Rd Aba
  • Tailoring mall near Ehi Rd Aba
    I struggled to breath here
  • Still Mosque
    Not good enough
  • Along Cameroon Rd
    The result of blocked drainage
  • Cameroon Rd by Kent
    The whole place just stinks
  • Constitution Crescent
    This is next to Aba South LGA HQ
  • Kent Street
    Leading to Aba Shopping Centre
  • Ehi Road by Mosque
    Next to First Bank at Ehi Rd
  • The receptacle at Osisioma
    Overflowing Skip at Osisioma
  • Tenant Road by Kent
    Traders surround this stinking place
  • Main Park
    Dirty water and debris competing
  • Okpuu Umuobo Road
    Massive pile of waste in gutters. A disaster waiting to happen
  • Ojike Lane
    There are at least 3 Bank branches just around here

Stakeholders in Aba

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Our activities on earth have always generated waste but managing the waste was never a major issue when our population was relatively small and nomadic.¬†However, the quest for comfort and luxury of post-modern societies and the escalation of urban centres, … Continued